Idini Extinguishers

Our company's skills and professionalism in the field of fire prevention and protection are widely recognised on the market. Our strengths, which include our highly specialised personnel, an exclusive range of products and services, and a dynamic technical and commercial organisation, enable us to provide our customers with all the elements necessary to cope with this demanding and delicate issue.

In response to the ever changing needs of our clients regarding the regulatory issues related to safety in the workplace, we have decided to expand the quality and level of our services, by investing in new professionals who are responsible for assisting companies in the difficult business of complying with the wide range of obligations relating to Health and Safety in the Workplace, as set out in the Legislative Decree N. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments.

Our safety advisors work in close proximity with our customers in order to resolve every type of safety-related problem. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the applicable regulations and standards, safety advisors are also specialised in company prevention and protection systems, and are able to offer customers viable solutions for drastically reducing the risks to human safety and potential economic damages.

In addition, our highly-competent technicians are capable of providing customers with top-level advice, enabling them to obtain a quotation for the work necessary to ensure their premises meet the necessary safety standards, while it is tailored to their specific needs.

Once the Legislative Decree 81/2008 (Consolidated Safety Act) came into force, Risk Assessment has become a major tool used by businesses in order to maintain the highest levels of safety and hygiene in the workplace. Thus, in addition to being a legal requirement, the risk assessment represents, above all, a company's guarantee of quality and reliability in the performance of its corporate mission.

The range of legislation with which Employers are required to comply may seem daunting and difficult to understand, and for this reason we offer a subscription-based safety management support service, involving scheduled visits by a specialised safety technician who will provide Employers with step by step assistance in implementing the procedures and programs necessary to guarantee compliance with the necessary safety standards. The technician will also identify solutions, suggest alternatives, offer advice and carry out safety inspections in order to ensure the correct measures are taken in order to reduce risks to the minimum level.

Under the terms of the service, the technician may also assume the role of company health and safety representative, in full accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree N. 81/2008.

The company sells, maintains and services fire extinguishers in the Tempio, Calangianus, La Maddalena and Palau areas.

We also provide a wide range of training services, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree N. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments:

  • low, medium and high risk level, fire fighting and emergency management training courses for company fire-prevention teams;
  • training courses for company first-aid teams;
  • Health and Safety Manager training course for Employers;
  • Workers' Health and Safety Representative courses;
  • Information and training courses for workers in accordance with Art. 36 and 37 of Legislative Decree N. 81/2008.

Our sales staff and our technicians are always on hand to provide you with any additional information and/or explanations you may require.

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